A downloadable game for Windows

Grid Game is a fun new twist on the lights-out style of puzzle game. It includes several different customizable features such as board size, number of states a button cycles through before it turns green, and broken/short-circuited keys.

Backgrounds were sculpted in Occulus Medium, then photographed and used as 2D images. Violin clip provided by Maria Harwell, other sounds recorded using live foley work and edited in Audacity. Button art drawn by hand in GIMP.

"Righteous" font downloaded from Google Fonts under the SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1

Unless otherwise mentioned above, all work done by Derek K. Harwell

Install instructions

Simpy unzip all of the contents of GridGame.ZIP to any location (it can even be a USB stick,) then run GridGame.EXE.


GridGame.zip 12 MB

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